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Congratulations on finding this page… this means that you are probably aware that there is a looming deadline quickly approaching and this might well be your first step in making your business GDPR compliant. In the modern world where vast amounts of data can be transferred at the touch of a button, hacked in a matter of seconds, sold from business to business without impunity or a laptop containing your un-encrypted personal data (along with thousands of others) simply gets left on a bus, there is a pressing need to review how we treat data.  GDPR is essentially the new level of protection the law seeks to give us all and asks businesses to review and justify what data they hold, ensure it is stored safely and finally what to do is something goes wrong. Data is key to all businesses.  Just think how important your customer, supplier, contractor, information might well be the most important data that you hold as a company and there is now a requirement to give this data the full protection that it deserves.  It’s as relevant to companies that hold your personal data as it is about the data that your business holds.  You protect their data and they need to protect your data …in theory it’s a good thing. However, this new Legislation is not a tick box exercise and takes some effort and understanding to ensure your business hits the required standard. In the right hands it’s not difficult to comply. We need to think about the all the data you hold – and sometimes you’ll be surprised about the extent of that data – remember that contact you met at that networking meeting 2 years ago and put her details into your phone? Or that supplier you used to buy from 18 months ago but no longer used when his prices increased? Once we’ve found the data you hold we have to think about and group it into different categories, document the fact that we’ve thought about it and justify what we agree to keep. You will then become compliant and all your data is suitably protected and you know what do if this is ever compromised. The good news is that we’re here to help and we believe a conversation costs nothing (well we do offer a free 30 minute session!). So give us a call whether:

  • you’ve pretty much got this covered but have a few specific questions
  • don’t know where to even start
  • have no interest in knowing the details but you just want me to make it go away (that’s not going to be possible but we can all hope!  What we can definitely do is make it as painless as possible!

Contact us to see how we can help you. The law on Data Protection is changing. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May this year. It will impact the way in which you operate your business or organisation.  We are a small group of professionals with extensive experience and up to date knowledge of the new GDPR legislative requirements. We can advise, carry out audits, deliver training, help you to carry out impact assessments and produce a suite of documents and procedures to ensure you meet the requirements of the new legislation. Our approach is to work with you using plain English and offering clear, effective solutions. We offer a one-stop-shop for the small and medium sized business, charity or educational establishment. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your organisation and for pricing options.

Act Now!

The law on Data Protection is changing. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May this year. It will impact the way in which you operate your business or organisation.

Take Stock

Understand the data you hold, you may be surprised at what is actually included in the legislation.

Is doing nothing an option?

No! the penalties and fines for non-compliance are significant, don’t be that business.

Panic not!

Full compliance is possible, contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.


We will work with you and your staff to identify and document any personal data you process, i.e. collect, hold, transfer and delete. This will give us an areal view of the information flow in your business and bring up any gaps. This means we will establish what data you hold, why you hold data, how it was collected, where and how it’s stored, how long you intend to keep it, when you’ll destroy it, how robust your processes and technology are to keep the data secure, who you share it with, who has access to it, who has overall responsibility for the data, where you document this information and how often you review it.

GDPR Practitioners

Neelam Khosla-Stevens

Neelam Khosla-Stevens


I started working life as a University lecturer teaching Economics, HR and Law. I’ve had a number of roles in differing organisations before going freelance as a consultant a few years ago advising on quality and compliance strategies. I bring over 20 years of compliance and quality assurance experience to the practice. I’ve overseen small and large projects always ensuring policies, systems and accompanying processes are embedded and staff trained effectively to deliver with confidence. I enjoy taking complicated concepts and explaining their relevance (in plain English!) to your business.

Richard Khosla-Stevens

Richard Khosla-Stevens


Helen Johnson

Helen Johnson


I am a public sector management professional with over thirty years’ experience of administration and management in the civil service and in higher education. I have considerable experience of document production, process review, improvement strategies and regulatory compliance. As a former school governor and committee member of a small charity, I’m aware of the importance of collecting, processing and retaining only information that is relevant to an organisation, and of the stresses that can place on small organisations in particular. I’ve undertaken training in understanding the requirements of the GDPR and am ready to help other undertakings to ensure they are compliant with the legislation.

Manny Hemmings

Manny Hemmings


I am a qualified trainer in information security with nearly ten years experience. For over 15 years I have delivered IT projects which incorporate information security across Europe and the Middle East. My interest in information security and quality systems means that I can advise on improving processes to bring efficiencies to how business is done.


A real pleasure working with Neelam on regulatory compliance protects.  Neelam’s clarity of thought delivers every time!  She has a knack of making the seemingly complicated easy. Her knowledge of compliance issues was second to none, definitely our go to person!

Rachel Astley

Resources Manager

A consummate professional and good company to boot. Neelam is conscientious and reflective in her approach as well as being particularly supportive and constructive. With her suggestions, we’ve made a number of positive changes which have contributed to progress in our work.

Lise Georgeson

Leadership and Business Management Consultant