Initial Consultation

A free 30 minute ‘phone consultation to establish how GDPR will impact your business, suggest free resources and answer your GDPR questions.


We work out what your business needs to be compliant

One of our team will conduct an information audit and produce a gap analysis.  We will confirm what policies and procedures you have in place and evaluate whether they comply with the new legislation. We will produce a concise report stating what, if anything, your organisation has to do in terms of processes, policies, IT, consent and reporting data breaches in order to comply with the GDPR. This will also include advise on IT security (back-up, encryption and fire-walls) for your computers/phone and software, CRM and internet hosting service.


We produce what your business needs to be compliant

Having worked out where the gaps we’ll brief you/your team on the key processes you must implement after agreeing with you how you’d like to do things within the legislation. We will produce the essential documents; privacy notice, data protection policy including your retention statement as well as templates for data requests, reporting breaches and requesting consent from existing and potential clients for marketing purposes.


On-going support

Once you’re all set up you might like the peace of mind of having an expert to answer anything that crops over time. We can give you ‘phone/email support for all of your GDPR needs!