Review of processes and procedures

We will review your processes and procedures to ensure that they are up to date, identifying any gaps and room for improvement, both in terms of data protection and operational effectiveness.

This will tell us exactly what is missing and what can be improved both in terms of efficiency and data compliance.

Are you confident of the ‘legal basis’ you can use to process personal data? Depending on the type of data in question you may have a different legal basis for each data set.

The six legal basis for processing data are:

  1. Legitimate interest
  2. Consent
  3. Contract
  4. Legal obligation
  5. Vital interest
  6. Public interest

This means establishing the robustness of the internal organisational processes and procedures as well as the competency of the technical systems used to keep the data secure.

Are you aware of the software you use, firewalls, encryption and the back-up arrangements? Our review will answer give you concrete answers to these questions.

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