Some questions you may have

  1. How will I know if my company is complying with the new regulations?
  2. Have I got the essential policies in place and available on my website?
  3. Will I get it all done by 25th May?
  4. Am I a data controller, or a processor, or both?
  5. Do I know where to go for good quality, accurate information about the GDPR?
  6. Do I know why I collect personal data?
  7. Do I know what really is personal (and sensitive) data?
  8. Do I know how and where data is stored?
  9. Can I be certain my data is stored and transferred securely?
  10. If any personal data was accidently destroyed, could I replace it?
  11. Have I got secure procedures in place to process personal data?
  12. Do I need consent to contact certain clients and potential clients?
  13. What’s my legal basis for contacting my clients/suppliers etc?
  14. As a charity will the law apply to us?
  15. As an employer will the new law apply to my staff records?
  16. What’s a DPO and will I need one?
  17. What would I do if a breach occurred?
  18. Would my business survive a fine?


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